(Phd) Docteur d'Etat es-Sciences  in Computer Sciemce of Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse, France, Subjet: “Forward Program Recovery for Deterministic and non Deterministic Specification . 4th -Décembre, 1987. (Mention: very honorable.)
Docteur Engineer   of   Paul Sabatier University and polytechnic institute of Toulouse ( France), Subjet: “Portability of Compilers”. June 1979.
Engineer  in Computer Science (ENSEEIHT) Toulouse, June 1977.
Preparation Higher Mathematics, and Special Methematics, Lycée Hoche  (Versailles). Sept. 1971-June 1974.
DUES (Université Paris-Sud-Orsay,). 1973. (Math. Physics.)
Baccalauréat. Math-Sciences, Mention “Assez-Bien”, Tunis: June 1971.

Professor Ali Jaoua is a faculty member of computer Science and engineering department, University of Qatar.  He obtained the degree of "Docteur es-Science" (1987) in computer science, from the University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse (France), "Doctor Engineer" (1979) from Institute Polytechnic of Toulouse, and "Engineer in Computer Science" from ENSEEIHT of Toulouse (1977). He has also initially been selected to study in the higher school of Mathematics and Physics, in Lycee hoche (Versailles, from 1971-1974), and got also a degree from Orsay (Paris Sud) University in 1973 in Mathematics, and Physics.

His research areas are Software and Information Engineering, Text Mining, Knowledge Engineering, Program Fault Tolerance, conceptual reasoning, search engine, information retrieval and document structuring. He has been working on the Use of Relational Methods in Computer Science since 1984, and the application of formal concept analysis in Information Engineering since 1990. He has been Invited Prof./researcher in the following universities: University Joseph Fournier, Grenoble, France, July 2004, University of Sherbrooke (Canada), in 1989, Sophia-Antipolis (I3S) (France) during December 1991. He has been associate Professor in computer science in Laval University (Quebec, Canada), 1989-1992.

He has been invited speaker for international conferences and universities during the last ten years, program committee member of CLA2006, and CLA2008, with evaluation of several papers on applied aspect of formal concept analysis. He got several research grants as from NSERG and FCAR in Canada, and DGRST and SERST from Tunisia, Qatar University, and participated to several pilot projects in France, Canada, and Tunisia.   He also has organized several conferences in computer science, (RelMiCS97 Hamamet, IEEE Workshop on New Trends in Distributed Systems, 97, Tunis, and CSPA2006 in Sharja (UAE), and CSPA 2008 in Doha),  and has been the seminar coordinator for about 12 years of his carrier. He supervised more than 12 Phd-thesis defended mostly on conceptual information engineering, and several Masters. He published about 35 papers in International Journals, and many conferences, and contributes in several books.

He is a Member of the Steering Committee of Relational Methods in Computer Science Group, RELMICS, and Editorial member of the associated electronic journal (JORMICS), Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Computing, since 2004. He has been a member of the editorial board of the international Journal of Information Science, Elsevier publisher, during several years.  Starting from January 2009, he is nominated as the Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering in Arabic, Philips Publisher.  He has also been member of many associations in computer science and engineering. He is currently the general chair of RelMiCS11/AKA6 conferences to hold in Doha from 1 to 5- November 2009 (http://www.qu.edu.qa/RelMiCs11) and the Graduate Committee chair of the Master  Program of Science in Computing, to start in September 2009.