Fodil Fadli, Architect, BA, MA, PhD.
Assistant Professor of Architecture
Dr. Fodil Fadli recently joined the Department of Architecture & Urban Planning at Qatar University, as an assistant professor in architecture. He is an architect by background, an academic, and a researcher in Architecture and urban design. Fodil received a degree of “Architecte d’Etat” (BA and MA degrees in Architecture and Urbanism) from the Polytechnic School of Architecture & Urbanism, EPAU in 1994. He successfully completed a doctorate in architecture from The University of Huddersfield (UK), with special expertise in sustainable architecture and sustainability assessment models. Dr. Fodil held several research, and academic positions. Starting at the University of Huddersfield in England, then Ulster University in Northern Ireland, and lately at Liverpool University (UK). He has also worked in architectural practice and construction industry. He was involved as a sustainability housing project consultant in Leeds (UK) for several small and medium housing and mixed-used projects. He is research active faculty and is interested mainly in investigating and exploring the challenging topics of sustainable architecture, sustainability assessment, adaptability theories, retrofitting buildings, mitigation and complexity in the built environment, heritage building restoration and area conservation, traditional architecture, and the role of tourism in preserving cultural heritage. Fodil enjoys applying design theories in dynamic environments (i.e. ship design and earthquake architecture).
Teaching Interests: Architectural and Urban Design Studios, Heritage and Urban Conservation, Architectural Graphics, Vernacular Architecture Studies, Mediterranean & Islamic Architecture, and Urban Design and City Form.
Research Interests:   Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design, Sustainability Assessment Models, Urban Conservation, Historic Building Restoration and Building Performance Evaluation.
Address: Department of Architecture and Urban Planning,CENG-Room 223, Qatar University, P.O.Box 2713, Doha, Qatar